Bq007 - Alexa

Status: Available
Bq007 - Alexa

Round Bouquet of 99 red roses

Size :  50 cm Width , 75 cm Height


Bq007 Alexa

There is nothing as good with a natural beauty that can give happiness and love as Alexa. The secret behind the happiness of the ladies are roses and nothing else.

The bouquet of Alexa is sure to melt hearts if not souls. It is damn beautiful and worth the pay. The bouquet consists of 99 fresh red roses. Can you imagine the amount of happiness the person is going to get while receiving the bouquet of Alexa? The bouquet is jaw-dropping. It an amazing bundle of red roses, that are sure to make anyone crazy with their fragrance.

It can be a great idea for mothers and ladies on birthdays and even valentine's day. Sending flowers is in fact the best way by which you can make a person know how much he or she means to you. Think about the way the bouquet is going to surprise them, the way they will take care of it every day to keep it as fresh as possible.

Another great thing about the bouquet it is something that everyone likes, it is not like a gift that will be disliked by some based on their choice and preferences.

Flowers are also considered to be the last-minute gifts that are always the best!

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