Flowers Delivery to Iran - All the cities
We cover the entire country.
 A great number of florists in almost all the cities are ready to take care of your orders as our representatives. If there is no flower shop in a town, your orders will be sent by a florist of nearest city.
1 - Unlike Tehran in which you can find any kinds of flowers, plants, baskets and other flower containers available in the country, there are limitations in other town and cities.
The scale of limitation of options depends on the size of the town and its distance from Tehran. The best option - that we strongly recommend - is that you ask a good selection by the florist for a certain considered amount you want to spend.
2 - The pictures shown in our site will be available in Tehran only.
Transferring your orders to our representative florists in other cities , we give all the necessary information to them, but if some flower or container is not available there, they use the most similar item available as a substitution . For the cities which are not more than 200 Km. far from Tehran, we can send orders including big baskets directly from Tehran. Though in such a case, delivery charge is much higher than usual, please contact us in advance for more information.

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