Delivery  Confirmation
   After the order delivery is completed , you will receive an email  from us. This is an 
addition to order tracking  service which can assure  you about delivery of the order.
Delivery  Policy
1 - Delivery  date & time
    Delivery in Tehran is usually done from  08:00 AM to 10:00 PM .( 08:30 PM to 10:30 AM 
 West US ) For some other time delivery , The customer should  arrange it with us in advance.
That may incure some additional charge. We work 7 days a week  at any time and there is 
no time problem for sending orders. We do our best to deliver your order at your requested
 time even during special days  like norooz (Persian New Year's Day ) or Mother's day with
  considerable  increase in volume of orders.
    We endeavour to deliver your order on time , but we can't guarantee the exact time. The
 delivery time during these occasions is classified to three groups : " morning"  , 
" afternoon "  ,  " evening ". If delivery time is determined , your order  will be put in one 
of these groups. In order  not to face with any problem in this regard , we coordinate the 
delivery time through a phone call to the recipient and checking the address.
    The delivery time may change based on the request of recipient.  On special 
occasins like memorials at mosques the order will be delivered just on time.
Time of delivery in other cities may be limited based on the situation of the city and the 
season. Usually our representative florists in other cities will call the recipient and 
coordinate the delivery time
2 - Delivery Location
   When we receive an order  we call the recipient  to check the address and  coordinate 
the time of delivery. The problem rises when the recipient is not available ( the phone 
number or address or both are wrong , the recipient has changed  the address  or
 is on a trip……) . We  do  try to find him/her to deliver  the order on time . 
 If he/she is on a trip  we'll wait . If he/she is away  we deliver the gift to one of the 
neighbours to give it to the recipient when he/she is back.
But if our effort  are failed we will inform you about the case as soon as possible  and 
do what you offer. Since these kind of problems are inevitable we have included a field in 
our order form  under the title of  " The phone number of one of the friends or relatives of the 
recipient "  which can help us a great deal in finding the recipient , delivering the order and 
solving such a problems. Sometimes  the recipient asks us to deliver the order in a place 
other than the address you have given us. In general , we consider the requested time 
and location  by the recipient. Take care that we suppose that you have given us the 
correct address and phone number and you are sure about the presence of the recipient
 at the mentioned  location. Thus anytime  that one of these situations is not fulfilled 
and we suffer a loss because of returning the gift ,you should  compensate our loss.
      If you are not sure about these and you want us to deliver the order after being 
assured  about the presence of the recipient , please click on the check box
  beside the field  " Delivery after coordination "  on order form , to make
 it checked. In such a case  we do not  charge you because of the above mentioned 
problems  even if  the order is cancelled.
    Please pay attention to the point that you should consider such possibility if you don't
 want us to call the recipient in advance  and prefere to do it as a surprise.
3 - Delivery Difficulties
   the most problems arise when the address or phone number is wrong or incomplete.
For more information .
By the way , on condition that our  effort to find the recipient is failed  we will inform you 
before the delivery time, while the order situation is observable online in " Order tracking "
4 - Delivery Charges
    Delivery charges are included in our prices, therefore  there is no additional delivery 
charge for deliveries both in Iran or internationa services.
Exceptions :
On situation that there is an exceptional case (The location is too far from the cities 
and delivery charge is much more than usual ), we will inform you immediately.
All over Iran -  All the cities
    We cover the entire country. A great number of florists in almost all the cities are
 ready to take care of your orders as our representatives.If there is no flower shop in a
 town , your orders will be sent by a florist  of nearest city.
Notes : 
1 - Unlike   Tehran in which you can find any kinds of  flowers , plants , baskets and 
other flower containers available  in the country , there  are limitations in other town and cities.
The escale of limitation of options depends on the size of the town and its distance 
from Tehran.The best option - that we strongly recommand - is that  you ask  a good 
selection by the florist  for a certain considered amount you want to spend.
2 - The pictures shown in our site will be available  in Tehran only.
   Transferring your orders  to our representative florists in other cities , we give  all the
 necessary  information to them , but if  some flower or container is not available there , 
 they  use  the most similar  item availabe as a substituation. For the cities which are
 not more than 200 Km. far from Tehran , we can send  orders including big   baskets 
directly from Tehran . Though in such a case , delivery charge is much  higher than 
usual , please contact us in advance for more information.
International  Delivery  - around the world
   We deliver flowers around the world.
You may have noticed that the main unsatisfactory reason  among  the orders  , 
results from the fact  that the florist  who has taken the photo and the florist who carries 
out the order are from different countries , and the delivered item  differe from the chosen 
image. That is why  we don't offer  pictures  for international  orders . Instead , we  
suggest  our  categories .
You  can select a category  with  the minimum  price  or more , and let the florist to 
have the best option for you.You  have options for some flower  or color  which will be
 used if available. Select  the recipient's Country , choose a category and define the total
 cost you are ready to spend. That is  so easy.
Inquieries   -  Any question ?
    Here in our site we have tried to make  your shopping as easy as possible.
A Complete guide give you almost all the necessary information and our 
 " Order tracking " let you  check your order situation  at any time.
If you have any question  please feel free to ask us using any suitable  ways of contact .
Your questions will be considered  promptly and you will receive  our reply  in a few hours.
Prompt Delivery ( even in less than one hour )
   We are ready to deliver your order promptly ( even in less than one hour ). 
In order to make sure that  we have received your  prompt order , please  contact us
 through  a phone call , fax or messenger after placing your order.
Note :We try to deliver your orders in the least time during a few hours in special Days like
 Mother's Day , or  Norooz ( Persian New Year's Day), but we can't guarantee one hour
 delivery , because the volume of the orders is high during such days.
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