Change to Order

Change To Order

Changes to Your Order
You may change your order up to the last minutes before delivery

 and have a new selection. These changes may be for the kind of

 flowers , ordered items , delivery date & time, recipient's address

or phone number, etc...
    Obviously  we cannot accept any  changes  after delivery of the

order or when your order is on its way.
Please complete change to order form and send it to us for any

 possible changes in the order.
If it is a few hours before delivery time, you should also inform us

by phone or fax .

Note : We cannot guarantee changes to an order if announced after

4:00 PM of the day before delivery date (Tehran time). however we

will do our best.
We do not charge you for any clerical changes informed up to thattime,

but for floral changes  announced later ,

there might be a charge depending on the price of your order.
In this case we may charge you for the floral changes only

 (between 15% and 25% of the price.) There will be no charge for

changing address, phone number, etc.

Change to Order Form
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