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   There are some valuable information on plants and flowers in this site. Also  at the 
 bottom of this  section you can see the names of some sites which can give you more 
specific information in these fields. There are 3 parts in this section : 
1- Dictionary of plants & flowers  2-  Plants care   3-  Flowers care  
1 - Dictionary 
   The Persian  and English  name of the flowers and plants , their  pictures , colors  , 
availability during the year ,  Approximate prices and language of flowers are included in 
this part.
2 - Plants care 
   House plants  depend on you to provide them with the five essential  growth factors .
They are :   1- warmth  2- light  3 -  air    4 - water  5 - food
1-  Warmth
     Mistaken belief  that  high temperature  is essential for the house plants  comes from 
the fact that most  house plants  come from the Tropic countries.
    In non-tropic countries they are  grown in greenhouses. Most of house plants
 will grow quite happily in ordinary  rooms which are suitable for us.
Few types of  house plants  can  grow at a temperature over  40 C.  or under  5 c.
because the amount of moisture  and  light  in an ordinary room  is much  less
 than outdoors in the Tropic countries.
 Without high humidity  and  high light intensity  , high  temperature  can result  in
poor growth. Sudden change of temperature  is also  harmful for the plants. 
2 - Light 
    Every house plant need  some degree of  light intensity.  Some of them can 
tolerate  low light intensity while some other plants are more sensetive to poor 
   Stems and leaves bend  towards  the source of light ( usually  windows ).
From time to time turn their pot  slightly to prevent them becoming deformed.
3 - Air
    In mild wether open the windows to provide  fresh air to your house plants.
It helps them to have  more resistant and stronger stems, but be careful  
to protect  them against draughts which can be harmful.
    Vapours  arising from a number of sources like  gas appliances ,fresh paint ,
some heaters  and chemicals  are damaging  to your house plants.
4 - Water 
     House plants  die without water  but they don't need daily watering.
If you give them water every day , the soil will never dries out. The result  is 
a soggy airless mass in which the roots cannot survive. When the leaves 
become yellow , a beginner give them more water .The situation  get  worse ,
and the plants die  through  over watering. They will be killed by kindness.
The best time  to water a plant  is when the soil is dry , but not completely.
     Plants  need moist air  too.  Increase the humidity of the air around the plant 
by spraying the leaves and stems , bathing them  or  keeping them  on 
a stone ( or something like that ) inside  a dish of water. Be careful  that 
the bottom of  the pot should be above the surface  of water.
5 - Food
   Unlike  outdoor plants which their roots can  spread out to  obtain adequate
supplies for growth ,  the roots of house plants Rely on you to provide  them 
with essential  elements every time that  supply of essential plant food has
been exhausted from the compost.
   The three essential  elements are  Nitrogen (N)  which is leaf maker , 
Phosphates (P2O5)  which is root maker  and  Potash (K2O)   as the
flower maker.
   Fertilizers usually contain all these three  essential plant foods.
You can see  the following  Web site for getting more information.
3 - Flowers  care
     Change the water every day , submerge flower stems in a bowl  and cut 1-2 Cm.
  diagonally  with a sharp knife or scissors every other day .  Remove all stem leaves
 that will be covered by vase water. Add  fresh flower food to  the water.
    Locate your flowers in a cool,shady place away from sunlight. If your flowers
 are wilting,cut the stems  diagonally under water, submerge them in a bowl 
  filled with cool water for 15 minutes and then replace them in the vase. 
12 March 2021
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