Member Benefits

Member benefits
Being a member of PalizGol.com entitles you to these great benefits:
1- Free reminder service -
With our reminder service you'll never miss an important date

(birthdays, anniversaries...etc.) In order to use this service you

 need to be registered and become a member of our site.
Simply enter dates important to you like birthdays of your friends

 or relatives, tell us when you want to be reminded and you will

receive e-mail reminders for each specified date together with our

 gift suggestions to consider.
Note : if you do not place an order during a certain period of

time your membership will be cancelled.

2- Order tracking service-
Though tracking an order does not require membership, it's easily

 done through entering membership account. The order tracking

service gives you up to the minute information about your order.

After your last click for sending an order, you will receive your order

number immediately . Then you will receive an e-mail confirming

 that we have received your order.If you are a registered member

 you can log in to see the status of your order at any time.

 Otherwise you can track your order just by entering your order number.

If you have lost or forgotten your order number, you can still track

your order through inserting certain information.

3- free Address Book and automatic entry without typing -
Your online address book is free. If you have entries in your

address book you can select a recipient's name and have the

information automatically filled into the order form.
If the recipient is not listed, remember to add the person to

your address book when you enter the recipient's information.

4- Discount & Awards
Any order means a certain point for you and if it reaches to a

 certain level, you may have special discount, award, or even

 you are able to place an order free of charge. Your point is

observable online in your membership account. As soon as

your point reaches the required level, you will receive an

email, while you can see it online.

5- Orders history (Record of your previous orders) -
The records of all your previous orders - which can be so

useful and required by you - are always available online.

6- Special offers and opportunity
Sometimes you become aware of our special offers and

opportunities through an email sent by us, so you don't

 lose the opportunity to use the special offers.

7-Affiliate & corporate services

Corporate services

If you can place a great number of orders per year (personal order or as an employee or representative), please contact us. We can give you a considerable discount with regard to the volume of your orders.

Affiliate services

If you are a florist or have a web site, Join our affiliate program and start earning commission by selling our products. Please contact us to get more information about our affiliate program

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